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If you own a company, CBC is the right choice for managing your cellular costs. We’ve reviewed thousands of numbers and hundreds of bills and we know how to save money on your cellular bills.

The first step in controlling costs is the initial audit performed by CBC. We review the last three cellular invoices from the existing carrier(s), make our recommendations and then negotiate contracts to more appropriate plans based on this prior usage. We identify and correct billing errors and eliminate excess inventory resulting in cost savings without sacrificing services.

Our Analysis includes:

Billing Errors
Identifies Inefficient Use of Current Plans
Cost Saving Suggestions
Pricing Plan Solutions
User Name
Mobile Number
Monthly Access Charge
Data Charges
Charges for Airtime and Long Distance Service
Features Charges
Roaming Charges
Total Peak Minutes
Total Off Peak Minutes
Total Mobile to Mobile
Total Data Kilobyte Usage
Cost Per Minute
Average Cost Per Unit

Following the initial audit, CBC provides monthly analysis and insights into current usage. The monthly management report is presented in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format and can be provided via e-mail to each department head for review of his/her departmental charges. We also include our recommendations on how to save you money.

And we deal with the carrier so you don’t have to. No more long and frustrating hours spent by your employees trying to make sense of your cellular bills, we’ll take care of it for you.

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